Patient Information


Please contact us today to make your appointment.  We will always try to see an urgent medical problem on the day you call, but call in advance for routine visits or non-emergency problems.  If the visit is for a complex problem that may require more time, please let the receptionist know when you call, so we can allot an appropriate amount of time for your visit.

Prenatal Consult

If you are interested in meeting our pediatricians before the baby's arrival, you can schedule a "prenatal consult" to meet the doctors and ask any questions you may have about the practice.  Prenatal visits are usually scheduled at lunchtime or at the end of the day.  

Your First Visit

On your first visit, we will begin a permanent record and family chart for you.  Please arrive 20 minutes before the appointment time to fill out appropriate forms and verify insurance.  If you have an appointment for a complex or longstanding problem, please try and bring any medical, school, or other records that will be helpful to us for that visit.

Lactation Services

These appointments with our Lactation Consultant are longer than regular appointments and are scheduled on special days and times. The fee is $75. The service is usually paid for by the mother's insurance, but we cannot bill the mother's insurance. Therefore, we expect payment at the time of the visit, and we will give you a superbill with the diagnoses and codes to allow you to get reimbursed from the mother's health insurance.


There is limited street parking available around our office building.  There is also a paid parking lot for our building - $3.00 for 2 hours.  You can pay with exact change or debit card.  We do not validate for parking. 

Cancelling/Rescheduling Your Appointment

If you are unable to keep your appointment or are going to be late, please call our office as soon as possible.  For routine or non-emergency problems, we may have to reschedule your appointment if you are more than 20 minutes late.  

No-Show Policy

There is a $25 fee/child for missed appointments if the appointment is not cancelled 24 hours in advance of your scheduled visit.

Vaccine Policy

We highly recommend following the vaccine schedule supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics (schedule can be found on the "schedule of visits" tab under "Patient Information" section), but for those who choose an alternative schedule, the following is our minimal vaccine requirement to remain as patients in our office:

     1st dose of DTaP, Hib, Prevnar by age 6 months

     1st dose of MMR by age 18 months

Along with this minimum requirement, our expectation is that all patients eventually get fully vaccinated. To protect the health of all children in our practice and to decrease the risks of vaccine preventable diseases in our community, we may dismiss your child from our practice if they are "too far behind" with vaccines.

Telephone Calls

If you have any questions regarding your child's symptoms, condition, medication, or treatment, you can call during our business hours where the phone calls will be returned in order of acuity by our experienced Registered Nurses.  If the nurse feels there is a problem that the doctors should be aware of, they will consult with one of the doctors for further advice. 

If you desire to speak to one of the doctors directly, the staff will leave a message for the doctor to call you back.  Please be aware that the doctors may not be able to return your call until they are finished with seeing patients.

After Hours Care

At nights and on weekends, one of the doctors is always on call for urgent problems.  Please call (562)598-4848 and follow the prompts to reach our after hours voice mail.   

Financial Arrangements

For your convenience, we accept cash, personal checks, money orders, and most major credit cards.  Payment is due at the time of service.

All major insurance companies accepted. We do accept patients with HMO insurance through Greater Newport Physicians (GNP). Please call our office for questions regarding your specific insurance.


Please bring any forms that need to be filled with you to your visit. There is no charge for filling out the forms during the visit. If you need forms filled without a visit, we will try to have them ready for you within 48 hours of your request with the following charges:

     all school forms: $10

     prescription medication forms: no charge

     non-prescription medication forms: $10

     new immunization card: $15

Obtaining Medical Records

If you wish to send your child's medical records to another office, please fill out a release form. We will try to get the records sent within 7 days of your request with the following charges:

     first 20 pages: $20

     additional pages: $0.25 per page